Welcome to WaHoo! Likkers

We always have weekly beer, liquor and wine specials; keep checking back to see the new deals each week! We also understand that you might not always have the time to stop in to chat and check our shelves in person, so we have a drive-through window for your convenience! We support the local wineries and sell wines from Huntly, Wyoming. But, if you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, we’ll order it for you! We also give case discounts to people who buy a case of liquor or wine.

If your sweet tooth craving happens to hit, we also have slushies-to-go – two flavors that change weekly. For those who have the sweets on us, we sell t-shirt, sweat shirts & hats with the Outback Lounge logo on it – you can wear your love for everyone to see! We also conveniently sell some dart supplies for all you dart-lovers. 

Often, our guests have so much fun they aren’t able to make it home safely; we conveniently have motels located on each side of us. So drop in or drive through, we can’t wait to see you.


Weekly Specials

The weekly specials will listed here soon!


This week's slushie flavors:

Check back, we'll update soon!